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Please review our portfolio of projects:

Deep Powder Project

This project involved a brand new kitchen and master bathroom.  The bathtub was removed and a poured pan put in its place with beautiful travertine tile.  In addition, a new framed wall hides a pocket door into the master bathroom.  New hickory floors, alder doors and trim were also part of the remodel. 

325 Project

For those of you considering a complete remodel, have a look at the pictures of this project.  There wasn't much left inside this remodel other than exterior walls and windows.  This remodel involved several structural changes that required removing existing beams, building new ones and reinforcing existing ones.  After structural issues were addressed, ACI brought it all back together with a new fireplace, all new kitchen, new master and guest baths, and new floors. 

758 Project

A basic bathroom remodel that required tile up the side of the master bathroom jacuzzi.  There was also a step and different floor tile in the water closet to the rest of the bathroom which required a nice decorative threshold to make the transition. 

506 Project

This was a basic remodel of a home in Frisco, CO.  The owners were stuck with perhaps the lowest quality laminate flooring made. In addition, the previous installer cut corners and the finish product was disappointing to say the least.  A dog named Bella, forced the owners to look into something more durable and scratch resistant than a typical real wood floor.  ACI installed a formica floor that was not only scratch resistant but also looked great!

415 Project

A small bathroom remodel with large green benefits!  This remodel involved moving the plumbing to the opposite side of the shower, removing the tub and installing a poured pan.  Unfortunately this bathroom was located downstairs with a ceiling that ran outside to an upstairs cantilever.  This cantilever needed to be properly insulated and caulked from the outside in order to protect the new plumbing supply lines (also insulated) that ran above the shower to the inside.  In addition, the cabinets were part of KCMA's Environmental Stewardship Program to help cabinet manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and help consumers easily identify environmentally-friendly products.

415 Crawl Space Project

Unfortunately, several existing houses are not built to today's standards.  Crawlspaces have been an area that have suffered from poor building science and non stringent codes.  A crawlspace does not need to be ventilated especially if it is part of the conditioned space and/or thermal envelope.  In the case of this project we added 2" of rigid foam insulation to the concrete walls.  We also added closed cell spray foam at the rim joist to totally seal up the crawlspace and close off all previous venting.